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If you have an Alaska travel business that you think would be a good addition to our guide we would love to hear from you. We only ask that you first review the information below to help make sure your business is a good fit for the guide.

Please consider the following questions...

Is your business already listed in the guide? For the most part each business can just have one listing, although each listing can be included in up to 3 different categories. An easy way to look for your business is to browse the company name directory on the bottom of the right side bar or use the search box above.

Are you based in Alaska? For the most part, we are looking for businesses that are physically present in Alaska, at least during their operating season.

Do you actually operate a business that supplies travel services or products? We are really looking for suppliers or operators of Alaska travel related businesses. If your business is more of a reseller of Alaska travel services or products, our guide may not be the right spot you.

Ready to suggest your site? Just send us an email of and include the following:

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Here are a few tips that will increase your chance of being added to our travel guide section. Include all required information. Avoid superlatives in your company overview, ie. "the best bed & breakfast in Ketchikan". Include your Alaska address. Physical addresses are preferred to post office boxes, but we understand some remote business will wish to list their post office box.

Lastly, we do list some businesses from the Yukon Territory, particularly in the Dawson or Whitehorse area. You can change the guidelines listed above for "Alaska" to mean your location.